What is a turnkey Mekanaves unit?

Our customers often ask for the construction of turnkey projects, meaning not only the supply and assembly of a new prefabricated unit, but also the construction and installation of other elements. Is it possible to obtain this service with a fixed, signed estimate from the start? At Mekanaves, IT IS POSSIBLE, and we can do this because:

Mekanave agrícola - interior1. The team of professionals that form part of Mekanaves have wide experience in the construction of farming and industrial units.

2. The team is also multidisciplinary and has ample knowledge in project management and development of modular construction.

3. Our partners close the cycle. Collaborating with companies and professionals specialised in different types of installations and equipment, means we can cover the needs of all farming or industrial construction projects.

We provide a clear, fixed estimate

Analysing and knowing for certain the cost per square metre of industrial units, knowing the total estimate of turnkey farms, having a fixed price for the construction an agricultural unit, is possible at Mekanaves.

Our turnkey business model can even include one or several phases of the global project, from project management to auxiliary facilities and the equipment needed to start-up a new business.

See some of our turnkey projects in the website section “successful cases”, where you can get a good idea of up to where we are able to reach.