What is a mekanaves agricultural unit?

A quick, quality solution to build your agricultural unit at an affordable price.

Our Mekanaves model is perfect for the construction of prefabricated and demountable units at a price lower than prefabricated concrete units.

When constructing an agricultural unit, the use to be given to the unit should be considered. For example, finishes will not be the same for a tool storage unit or a hayloft or grain store. Our technical department is ready to advise you in a wide range of possible sizes and finishes for agricultural units.

We provide the drawings and calculation specifications as part of the agricultural unit project you need.

Types of mekanaves agricultural units

Agricultural units for grain storage: We construct agricultural units with built walls in order to store grain and optimize space.

Units for tools: inexpensive, prefabricated agricultural units to store tools and materials. Our demountable agricultural units can be dismantled and assembled in another locations as many times as you like.

Mekanave agrícola - interiorYou can calculate the price of an agricultural unit with our Mekanaves CONFIGURATION TOOL. Just enter the dimensions of your Mekanaves unit and the finishes you require, and in less than a minute you will find out the price of our prefabricated agricultural units.

In our Mekanaves PHOTO GALLERY, you will see different examples in the construction of agricultural units to store grain or fruit, with top-quality manufacture and quick, easy assembly.

How to assemble your agricultural mekanaves unit?

Choose between the advantages of assembling your own agricultural unit and the saving involved, or hiring the complete service with our company with assembly included, it’s up to you.

Types of assembly

We are going to give you two options to assemble your unit. Do you want to assemble it yourself? The Mekanaves system was clearly conceived with self-assembly in mind. Our success is shown in our customers who have already assembled them. If you do not have time for assembly, we have a network of fitters at your service.

Self-assembly halls

– Do it yourself
– Step-by-step manual
– Quick assembly
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians

Mekanaves Team

– Professional assemblers
– Don’t worry about the assembly
– Fast and effective
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians