What is a mekanaves pavilion unit?

If you need a demountable unit for provisional use, the quick, simple assembly of our units, the possibility of assembling and dismantling the pavilion whenever you require, make our demountable Mekanaves pavilion units ideal for a variety of both professional and recreational uses.

We have a wide range of widths, lengths and heights that can easily cater for any need.

Types of mekanaves pavilion units

Demountable marquees: Folding, demountable and easy-to-assemble marquees for events, weddings and parties, meeting the strictest regulations, without any type of restriction on time or use..

Prefabricated offices: our Mekanaves units are demountable for use as modular offices or site offices to replace the classic office containers, providing greater versatility, quality and comfort.. Your can assemble and dismantle Mekanaves office units as many times as you like.

Inexpensive prefabricated houses: Our customers are increasingly appreciating our Mekanaves units as inexpensive, prefabricated homes. Depending on the quality you wish in interior and exterior finishes, in less than two months you can have prefabricated houses for homes, prefabricated houses for temporary workers, for camp sites and for an endless number of uses.

Mekanave pabellón - interiorChoose from a wide range of dimensions, finishes and complements to adapt your Mekanaves unit to the use you want. visit our Mekanaves PHOTO GALLERY to see real examples of our Mekanaves PAVILION units.

Enter our configuration tool to get an immediate price for a Mekanaves PAVILION unit. To customize the Mekanaves PAVILION unit, including doors, windows and any other type of finish, please contact our sales department, who will give you advice and an endless number of possible solutions.

How to assemble your mekanaves unit?

You now have the possibility of assembling the new Mekanaves PAVILION unit yourself, or letting us do it for you, we are at your service.

Types of assembly

We are going to give you two options to assemble your unit. Do you want to assemble it yourself? The Mekanaves system was clearly conceived with self-assembly in mind. Our success is shown in our customers who have already assembled them. If you do not have time for assembly, we have a network of fitters at your service.

Self-assembly halls

– Do it yourself
– Step-by-step manual
– Quick assembly
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians

Mekanaves Team

– Professional assemblers
– Don’t worry about the assembly
– Fast and effective
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians