What is a mekanaves kennel unit?

A Mekanaves KENNEL unit is for dogs, which not only has a metal, modular unit but also boxes for dogs, plus other facilities required in the construction of kennels.

We design and install customized kennels with our Mekanaves modular units.

We add different finishes to our prefabricated Mekanaves kennel units, following the same line of assembly of a complete kennel complex by non-specialized personnel.

Types of mekanaves kennel units

You can choose from a range of possible combinations, based on the dog boxes you require. We show you some of our most popular facilities.

Dog kennels: In a Mekanaves dog kennel, not only will you be able to house dogs, but you will also have all the facilities needed for house pets, such as offices, storeroom, store and even a veterinary clinic, everything is possible with our Mekanaves system.

Dog training centres: we design and construct customized dog training centres, with all facilities required for animal welfare. Design it yourself and make it come true with the Mekanaves system.

Dog breeding centres Based on a minimum of 8 boxes for dogs, our Mekanaves KENNEL units can be adapted to the size you need, and what is more, our prefabricated kennels are modular, so you can extend the kennels when you need to add more boxes for dogs.

Animal protection centres We cooperate with animal protection centres, charities and other centres of interest focused on animal protection in the design and installation of kennels. We construct customized animal-protection centres, not only for dogs, but also for other animals such as cats. Just ask us.

Municipal kennels The Mekanaves modular system is ideal for the construction of municipal kennels, as they meet the highest standards in the quality of materials, permanently ensuring the welfare of the animals.

Mekanave canina - exteriorThe series manufacture of our Mekanaves units means we are able to offer kennel units and complete dog centres at unbeatable prices, with all required facilities.

Visit our photo gallery to see the simplicity of our construction system and examples of completed kennel units. There is a configuration tool in our website to request a no-obligation estimate of the dog home you need. Remember that our expert sales department in units for dog home units is also ready to advise you. Shall we talk?

How to assemble your mekanaves unit?

Our metal units are quick to assemble. They can also be dismantled, so they can be assembled at a different location whenever you want.

Types of assembly

We are going to give you two options to assemble your unit. Do you want to assemble it yourself? The Mekanaves system was clearly conceived with self-assembly in mind. Our success is shown in our customers who have already assembled them. If you do not have time for assembly, we have a network of fitters at your service.

Self-assembly halls

– Do it yourself
– Step-by-step manual
– Quick assembly
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians

Mekanaves Team

– Professional assemblers
– Don’t worry about the assembly
– Fast and effective
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians