What is a mekanaves industrial unit?

A prefabricated industrial unit, which adapts to your processes and assembly lines. It is ideal as a warehouse for raw materials. Definitely a metal unit that adapts to your needs.

At Mekanaves, we are certain that different industrial processes require simple, lightweight modular units, prefabricated bolted units that can be used for processes and in provisional or permanent locations.

Depending on the type of process, a sporadic or permanent warehouse, for processes with workers, handing of different products and industrial supplies, varying types of finishes of the industrial unit are required depending on the use.

Types of industrial mekanaves

All our INDUSTRIAL Mekanaves units are demountable. We design and build economical, industrial units for any industrial use, such as workshops, warehouses and hangars. If you need to build an industrial unit, Mekanaves is the solution.

Owing to their quick construction, versatility in sizes, heights and finishes, and particularly because of their affordability, our INDUSTRIAL MEKAVAVES units are ideal for mechanical, car or electricity workshops.

Warehouses for temporary or permanent storage, to build a logistics warehouse or extend a raw materials warehouse, these units are quick to construct at a good price and with top quality, logistic turnkey units. What more could you want?

Hangars We design and construct mobile hangar units for aircraft, military use, aeronautics, etc.

Mekanave industrial - extructuraINDUSTRIAL Mekanaves have a galvanized, lightweight structure, and are fully bolted. Lightweight means that very little foundation is needed, in many cases our constructive system only requires the floor of the unit and little more. Bolted means structural guarantee, with no welding required on site.

If you wish to know how much it would cost per square metre to build an industrial unit , check what our INDUSTRIAL Mekanaves units are like, what widths, heights and lengths we can offer, along with the materials with which we work. You can then access our configuration tool and design your own unit to find out the price of your Mekanaves immediately.

You can also visit our METAKAVES PHOTO GALLERY, to see examples of the assembly process and finishes of our industrial units. What are you waiting for to purchase your new industrial unit?

How to assemble your mekanaves unit?

You can choose between assembling your new INDUSTRIAL Mekanaves unit yourself, or ask our team to assemble it for you.

Types of mounting

We’re going to give you two options to assemble your ship, dare you assemble it yourself? The Mekanaves system was born with a clear vocation towards self-assembly, our success is that of our customers who have already done so. If you don’t have time to do it, we offer you a network of fitters at your service who will do it for you.

Self-assembly halls

– Do it yourself
– Step-by-step manual
– Quick assembly
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians

Mekanaves Team

– Professional assemblers
– Don’t worry about the assembly
– Fast and effective
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians