A simple, flexible shopping process summarized in four steps.

  1. Acceptance of estimate and agreement

A simple purchasing contract including the drawings of your new MEKAVAVE unit, with delivery dates , and where the services you have contracted are clearly defined, the supply of your economic unit, assembly as required, equipment depending on each case, etc.

Don’t forget that together with your new Mekanaves unit, we provide the drawings and calculations of your new modular unit. This will help you enormously when taking the steps required to legalise your new project. It will also help you save on the cost of obtaining a building permit and to legalise the unit. Your new Mekanaves unit includes all this in the price, meaning that Mekanaves is undoubtedly the most economical metal unit on the market.


  1. Manufacture of Mekanaves units

After accepting the order and signing the contract, we shall start work on your project immediately. There are two words to describe this process: FLEXIBILITY AND EFFICIENCY
Mekanaves means an economical modular construction owing to its quick and low-cost manufacture.

The units are also galvanized making them long-lasting. They are the most economical on the market because:

  • The connection parts are the same in all cases All modular metal structures forming the Mekanaves system have 80% of the same connection parts, which means EFFICIENCY.
  • We have our own manufacturing workshop, which enables us to be FLEXIBLE in the manufacturing process. Our operators know the project to perfection, They themselves worked on the first prototypes, improving them day by day.
  • Standard materials and stock: one of the requirements when creating Mekanaves units was that imposed ourselves to work with standard materials. Our units are always bolted, prefabricated units, and the fact that our metal units share 80% of parts, enables us to always have up-to-date stock, whichever unit you choose. EFFICIENCY AND FLEXIBILITY.


Bearing in mind the above, we are able to supply your unit within a maximum of four weeks from signing the contract. Lead times of the most popular units are even shorter.

  1. Logistics, transport of Mekanaves units

Our modular units have been designed using lightweight metal structures and standard materials that are easy to transport and handle. All elements forming any Mekanaves unit, from the smallest to the largest, can be transported within a standard container.

Our concept of lightweight structure (low weight in handling and transport) and the reduction of volume in transport (flat packs) mean that we can transport our Mekanaves units to any part of the world at a very competitive price.

Transporte nave gallinas camperas

From our logistics warehouse, we can transport any type of unit to a destination in a short period of time. Inexpensive, quality units for all kinds of use.

  1. Assembly at destination

We understand that not everyone wants to assemble their own metal modular unit,, which is why we give you these options to assemble your new modular unit:

  1. Self-assembly

Mekanaves units can be easily self-assembled. One of our basic strategies when designing our products was that any of our customers could build their own Mekanaves unit, without the need for specific knowledge. Self-assembly units for you to do part of the work to achieve a metal modular unit at an unbeatable price.

On signing the contract, we provide you with civil work drawings, at no extra cost, so you can build the foundations and the floor while we manufacture your unit. Our modular metal units are so light that very little foundation is required; another good reason to purchase a Mekanaves unit, to save on concrete and other materials.

Remember that together with your new Mekanaves unit, you will receive a self-assembly instruction manual, and, of course, ongoing advice before, during and after the sale, prepared by the same team of engineers who design Mekanaves units. You yourself can judge whether we have been successful.

  1. Self-assembly with Mekanaves technical staff

We provide a Mekanaves technician on site, to assess and guide you during the assembly process.


During the contracting term, you can contract this option together with your Mekanaves unit. We shall arrange transport and the date of assembly of your metal unit. From the start, you will have the support of one of the technicians who created your Mekanaves units. This means you can undertake assembly with very little help, or if you prefer, assembly can be done by an assembly workshop of your choice, to assemble your unit in record time and at an unbeatable price.


  1. Assembly by the Mekanaves team

If, you eventually decide to purchase your turnkey Mekanaves unit with assembly included, we shall give you the option of assembling it using our own team of assemblers. The Mekanaves assembly team will fully assemble your unit, quickly and efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

  1. Assembly by the Mekanaves collaborators

The Mekanaves team is located in Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza) and our scope of action in assembly covers the regions of Aragón, Catalonia, Navarra, Rioja and Soria.

To assemble our Mekanaves units in any other part of Spain, we have specialized distributors and workshops acting as partners of Mekanaves who will be able to fully assemble your metal modular unit in any part of Spain.

Economical agricultural units, bolted livestock units, inexpensive industrial units for various uses, all Mekanaves units are bolted, demountable to change location or use and at an excellent competitive price.


Quality and price in a single product.