What is a mekanaves self-assembly unit?

You now have the chance to assemble your new Mekanaves unit yourself.

The “do-it-yourself” model applied to modular units, with innovation, simplicity, speed and satisfaction, the basis of Mekanaves line of thought. Find out more…

Mekanave ganadera - exterior

The Mekanaves system is based on the idea of MECCANO, a game the creators of Mekanaves played when they were young, which many of you will remember. A simple, intuitive system, which together with an assembly instruction manual, means customers with no expert knowledge can assemble their own unit. Units for self-assembly, a unique system.

Together with your new Mekanaves, you will receive an assembly instruction manual, with which you can assemble your modular unit step by step. We shall also provide you with drawings of your new metal unit to guide you in placing walls and finishes.

Ask us if you want to know more about this new system. You will talk to the same technicians who developed it.

Our metal units are quick to assemble. They can also be dismantled, so they can be assembled at a different location whenever you want.

Self-assembly instruction manual

We provide you with technical assembly documentation of our Mekanaves units. Download technical documentation.