What is a mekanaves leisure and free time unit?

How many times have you thought of a prefabricated storeroom to keep all your treasures? Who has never dreamt of having a space or prefabricated store for themselves to give a free rein to their hobbies?

And that small room to keep your collections, cars, motorbikes, even to extend the storeroom that is now too small?

And for anyone who loves animals and needs a suitable space to keep them: Would you like to build your own country chalet?

Building a unit for that would be a little ambitious, or maybe not? Designing country chalets, building prefabricated storerooms, having your own prefabricated garage, do you know all the possibilities of Mekanaves units?

Well, don’t think about it any longer, a Mekanaves unit is all of this and we invite you to check it out for yourself.

Types of mekanaves leisure units

Country chalets With MEKANAVE units, you can build inexpensive modular houses, adapted to your needs. We build prefabricated modular houses, modern modular houses with a range of finishes depending on their end use. From small country chalets to modular design houses, our system is also able to produce ecological modular houses, as all materials used in Mekanaves units are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life.

Prefabricated garages, from the simplest metal plate construction to any type of prefabricated metal garage, for cars or for any of your hobbies.

Prefabricated, temporary or permanent warehouses, inexpensive prefabricated storerooms that are quickly constructed for you to assemble them yourself. Possibility of extending them if necessary, or even assembling them in another location, as they are demountable and at unbeatable prices.

Mekanave ocio - estructuraThere is a Mekanaves unit idea for your needs or hobbies. You can see MAKANAVE leisure units of our customers in the Mekanaves PHOTO GALLERY. There are an endless number of configurations and finishes available. If you do not find what you are looking for or need assessment on our modular units, please contact our sales team on 976 243 001, or by email to comercial@mekanaves.com.

If you wish to receive information on prices of our prefabricated units, without any commitment, use our Mekanaves CONFIGURATOR TOOL. There are a range of formats and finishes available to give you an idea of cost.

How to assemble your mekanaves unit?

Would you like to assemble your Mekanaves unit? You will receive an assembly instruction manual with your new prefabricated unit, with complete instructions. Do it yourself to effortlessly reach your target.

Types of assembly

You now have the possibility of assembling the new Mekanaves PAVILION unit yourself, or letting us do it for you, we are at your service.

Self-assembly halls

– Do it yourself
– Step-by-step manual
– Quick assembly
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians

Mekanaves Team

– Professional assemblers
– Don’t worry about the assembly
– Fast and effective
– Allows assembly and disassembly
– Ask our technicians