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A Mekanaves unit is an affordable, galvanized structure, which is fully bolted without any welds. Mekanaves are formed by simple Meccano parts, that are straightforward to join, making these units easy to assemble and dismantle. They consist of a folded plate profile structure and bolted parts. Finishes of façades and roofs can be varied, depending on the use, single plate or sandwich panel of different thicknesses.

All specifications, calculations and constructive systems have been carefully studied and developed using state-of-the art calculation systems and support programmes. All the units displayed in this website are endorsed by Zaragoza University and the Technological Institute of Aragón, within the framework of an ambitious collaboration programme between the University, benchmark research centres and Mekanaves. This is an ongoing programme aimed at optimizing construction of units, under criteria of sustainability, efficiency, economy and product quality.

Our customers should perceive our products as a Meccano assembly kit, which many of us played with when we were children. This is where the name Mekanaves originates from.

Our wide experience in the design and construction of all types of units, has led us to design a new product. As a result of its design, modularity, light-weight and simple and quick assembly, its economy in the type of material and amount, covers practically all customers’ needs, for all types of activity, with agricultural, livestock or industrial units.

Mekanaves is a product in continuous evolution and development. Our modular units were created from a public-private collaboration agreement between Zaragoza University , the Technological Institute of Aragón and Mekanaves.

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Types of Mekanaves units

Mekanaves units are economical and can be used for any purpose. They can also de dismantled, for use in a different place or for another purpose, or they can be sold when no longer needed. As they are modular units, you can extend them at any time, without any problem.Prices of our prefabricated units are unbeatable, bolted metal units, fully assembled or self-assembled units, as you wish.

They have a range of applications: agricultural units, livestock units, industrial units.

Mekanaves industrial units

Bolted units with a galvanized metal structure, suitable for all industrial processes, prefabricated, demountable units, quick to assemble and maintenance-free. Mekanaves units, customized metal construction.

Mekanaves livestock units

We build livestock units for any use, adapted to your needs, economical units at unbeatable prices for your bolted metal structure, units for chickens, units for sheep, units for hens.
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Mekanaves agricultural units

Prefabricated agricultural units at the best price, resistant and long-lasting, better than prefabricated concrete units, inexpensive prefabricated units for all agricultural uses.

Mekanaves pavilion units

Inexpensive demountable units, for any temporary or permanent activity, our units are portable so they can be assembled and dismantled whenever you like.

Mekanave kennel units

We design kennels with our metal structures, units for kennels constructed in prefabricated galvanized metal structures, which are maintenance-free.

Mekanave units for leisure and free time

Assemble your own unit, there is always a Mekanaves unit that adapts to you and your leisure time. The most economical units on the market, metal demountable units to fulfil your dreams.

Our experience of over 20 years in the sector endorses our company

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Types of assembly

Self-assembly units

Our goal has always been to create a unit, following the “do-it-yourself” line. Mekanaves have a patented structure assembly and enclosure system, enabling customers to assemble and dismantle units, without the need for specific knowledge or special tools and machinery. This is what clearly differentiates them from the competition, hence we can confirm that Mekanaves are unique.

Units with assembly

Mekanaves seeks to provide support to the customer during the assembly process, by providing one of our design engineers during assembly, in order to help and solve any queries you may have on site. If you prefer, Mekanaves will provide an assembly team to assemble your new, turnkey Mekanaves.

More information on mekanaves units

Mekanaves has always been an innovative product since it was first created. The team that takes part in the Mekanaves project is constantly developing the product, improving the features of each element, researching new materials and finishes. It is also continuously creating products to extend and improve existing ones, all to achieve commitment, quality and development resulting in Mekanaves becoming a cutting-edge product.

The team forming part of the Mekanaves project is composed of specialist engineers in structure calculation, engineers in charge of the implementation of works, and own fitters with over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of units for all kinds of uses.

Mekanaves are the first economic units on the market, designed to be assembled by you. The units are fully bolted and formed by lightweight structures. They are supplied with an assembly instruction manual, so that if you decide to assemble your own Mekanaves, instructions are given step by step, as if you were assembling a piece of IKEA furniture. And, of course, if you have any queries, you have a technical service and assembly team at your service.

Mekanaves have a width of six, ten, twelve, fifteen and up to 20 metres. You can choose from heights of 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m, 4.5 m and 5 m.

Mekanave agrícola - exterior
There are a range of finishes in enclosures and roofing. You can choose any commercial finish available, sandwich panel, single sheet enclosure, sandwich panel roofs, polyester roofs, or agropanel agricultural roofs.

We supply the structure, the connection parts, enclosures and the roof in one single shipment. Each of the elements can be easily handled separately, owing to their light weight. Forget about heavy machinery costs to lift materials; with simple hand tools, you will be able to assemble a fully bolted unit, or dismantle it when not required, quickly, simply and without risk.

The prices of our metal units are unbeatable, offering quality and price in a single service. You can have an agricultural, livestock or an industrial unit assembled in record time.

We have our own team of fitters for any of you who do not wish, or do not have the time to assemble the unit.

Together with our Mekanaves, we provide the structure calculations of the unit, meeting the strictest regulations, along with drawings of your new unit and its foundations. These are an essential part of the project, which you should present to your Local Council to request planning permission.

If you require further help, the Mekanaves technical department is available for direct contact with the engineering team who have developed the product, who will immediately solve any doubts you may have.

The range of possibilities is so wide that our products are bound to fit what you are looking for.

The applications of Mekanaves are endless:

  • Mekanaves industrial units are economical for workshops, warehouses, logistics, prefabricated industrial units and for any use, units for hangars or for military uses.
  • As livestock units, they can be used for free-range hens, organically farmed hens, poultry and pig fattening units, units for sheep, goats, rabbits, horses, calves, cattle.
  • As agricultural units, Mekanaves can be used as barns, sheds, for storage.